Citalopram – weening off anti-depressants  .. My experience part two

So it is a few days later since my last post. Time for an update..

If you read the last update you will know that I had a blip. A bad few days as the effects of citalopram wore off and I seemed to face a few challenges that when coupled together looked a lot more like a mountain than a mole hill.

Well today is Sunday. 

A none pill day. 

I am very pleased to report that it has been a very positive day spent with my two little ones. We have had a lot of fun. Everything from making tents in the front room to baking flapjack to playing games with letters and board games to boot. 

Comparing today to Wednesday, blip day, seems a world away in terms of my internal turmoil. Today feels calmer.

It would be wrong to pretend that all is perfect. It is not. The challenges I face are still there. The difference is how I choose to see them and deal with them.

With the help of both my partner and trying to put into practise all the good things I know I should do I am able to take positive steps. To breakdown the challenges into manageable parts and work away at them. Giving myself some easy wins. 

At the same time not putting off or procrastinating (great word) about tougher challenges. Two letters/emails were written this evening to deal, or at least start to deal, with money issues. We shall see what they achieve. 

Back to work tomorrow. A brand new week. Full of opportunity and potential.

I’ll keep you posted about how I get on. 

Three pills left meaning I’m into the last six days. 

It does sort of play on my mind what I will be like when the last one is gone. Time will tell.


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