In the news – England’s mental health crisis: Shocking figures reveal the number people being sectioned has risen by 10% in just a YEAR 

The epic scale of mental health problems in England was laid bare today as shocking new figures revealed the number of people being sectioned has risen by 10 per cent in the last year alone.
Mental health charities have slammed the soaring number of patients being detained under the Mental Health Act as a ‘national scandal’.

Not only is demand for services at an all time high, but the NHS is struggling to cope – causing more people to reach ‘crisis point’ due to the lack of early treatment available.

Charities have blamed a lack of hospital beds for psychiatric care and failing community care for the sharp spike in involuntary admissions.

In the last year, 58,400 people have been detained – an increase of 5,220 on the same period in 2013/14.

The report, published today by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), revealed 1.8 million people were in contact with mental health and learning disability services at some point in the year.

Women who spend time in mental health hospitals were more likely to be detained than men and people of Black or Black British ethnicity had higher levels of detainment than any other group. 

Some facts and figures from the Daily Mail article:

  • Detentions have risen to 58,400 in 2014/15 up 5,200 on the previous year
  • Report by the Health and Social Care Information Centre showed 1.85 million people approached mental health services
  • Charities said demand was at an all time high but services were being cut
  • Detentions in NHS hospitals increased more than eight per cent to 51,970, while independent sector hospitals saw admissions rise by almost a quarter to 6,430.
  • The instances where people making a short-term detention to a hospital as a ‘place of safety’ increased by 2,400 compared to the year before, to 19,400,
  • One in five people aged 90 and over – 93,860 people out of 470,410 – accessed mental health and learning disability services.  

Read the article here…

I do not normally comment on news articles but today I will.. Thankfully I have not had the experience of being sectioned and will hopefully never have to. It must be a terrifying experience.

The aspect that annoys me about all of this approach to mental health is that it is the usual dealing with the outcomes rather than early decisive intervention. 

It must be far cheaper and effective to reach out early to people. Before any issues they have blossom into something far more destructive. 

As a man facing th challenge of depression I know first hand how isolating it can be. If I wasn’t lucky enough to have a wonderful supportive network around me of my partner, family and employer things could be far far worse. 

I fear for all the men out there hidden in society. Feeling very alone, scared. Not knowing which way to turn or how to get help, or even that it is there. 

If you need help there are lots ofcharities who have really good resources.. See my Page on helpful organisations and phone lines…

Need help right now.. See my Immediate Action Drills…


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