Citalopram – This is It! – weening off anti-depressants .. My experience part three

So this is It! 

My last Cotalopram pill. 

For the past two weeks I have been slowly weening myself off these tiny little gems of tranquility. 

When I first agreed, very reluctantly, that I might need to try anti-depressants I did not really understand the tremendous storm that was raging within me. No wonder the forty foot waves of challenges that life was throwing at me seemed insurmountable. That I should surely drown engulfed in one of them. 

That was then. Now having sheltered in the harbour that citalopram has provided I am ready to set sale, alone, again.

I should, no must, point out that citalopram is not a wonder drug. It is purely one of the many tools I have used or had available to me. 

My partner, friends and family have all played a massive supportive role in this period. 

Being proactive. Getting off my behind and going out to first equip myself with the intelligence, knowledge and tools to deal with the depression. Then putting all of this into action almost religiously.

So this is It!

The last little citalopram pill.

I am excited. Looking forward to sailing out of the quiet harbour into calm waters. 

Should I encounter the forty foot waves .. I shall ride them like the inner life surfer desires. I shall not fear them. They are an opportunity.

Life is full of challenges. It is how you view them and what you do about them that counts.

It’s all in the mind.. Or rather how you let the mind perceive and view these challenges that matters.


5 thoughts on “Citalopram – This is It! – weening off anti-depressants .. My experience part three

      1. Still waiting for the mirtazapine to take effect. Strangely, I dreamt last night that I took a couple of citalopram tablets as well.

      2. Must admit I haven’t heard of mirtazapine .. Will look it up.
        So what things do you actively do to try to fight or or avoid periods where we feel down?
        Interesting dreaming about citalopram .. Did it have a positive effect in your dream ?
        Thanks again for the message and chatting 🙂

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