Poem – On a hope and a prayer – #depression

Looking through an old journal I have found this short poem written roughly a month before being diagnosed with depression…

On a Hope and a Prayer

Joseph Hempleman-Jones 12 December 2012

Hope springs eternal,

Or so they say.

Well I hope and pray for the coming of another day.

I love my girls with all my heart.

All I ask for is the chance to give them the best start.

Yet here I sit at the table,

The table that should be surrounded by laughter and love.

And I cry.

For there is sadness, loss and dispair here in their stead.

I must resolve myself.

Take control.

Forge a new future.


If not to be wealthy in finance,

Then may it overflow in the wealth of love and laughter.

I just ask for the chance.

Now this was written in the dark moments I remember well. Not specific times but the feeling of impending doom. I sat at that table often. Tears rolling uncontrollably down my cheeks. 

Though everything seemed against me. The insurmountable mountain towering over me. A little light caught. Taking hold. It’s flame defiant against the swirl dark of the storm.

One month later I took the decisive first step on my road to a better place. I called the doctors making an appointment. The rest as they say is history to be read among the post on this site.

That Story is still playing out. I am still forging my future. A bright future for my girls … And for me.

So, friend, please take heart. The storm may rage. The darkness press in. Yet look for that tiny flame. Guard it. Cherish it. Fan it. 

For who knows… Your future will very probably be bright too.. That is up to you, the decisions you make and your desire to fight. To forge your future … It is your future to forge!


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