New Year’s Resolution Ideas To Enhance Your Mental Health

This article just goes to reinforce all the good advice… sleep well, eat well, communicate well, be altruistic, exercise, look for new opportunities and keep up with your loved ones…

Freud & Fashion

Not sure about you, but I got tired of writing down the standard New Year’s resolutions on my list (such as losing weight, making more money, etc) several years ago.  Research has shown that people typically lose momentum to carry out their resolutions within the first 6 months, so why not make a list that enhances your life and contributes to happiness for the long run rather than relying on a number (ie, pounds lost, money earned, etc) to determine whether or not you succeed?

Achieving your resolution is a process…it has ups and downs…successes and failures.  If we learned to embrace the process, we’d likely maintain momentum (ie, “okay so I ate a lot of chocolate and pastries on Valentine’s day — I’m going for a run the next day,” rather than the negative self-talk such as “I’m such a fatty and a failure because I ate a piece of chocolate”).  I say, get over…

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