#depression #happynewyear – Wishing you a very Happy New Year in 2016

Well it’s that time of year again to say goodnight to the last year and welcome in the new.

My mind turns at this time to all those out there spending the New Year alone… I count myself among them.

So this is a special message of hope for the year ahead especially for you.

For you are not alone.

As the clock ticks past midnight I will probably be asleep. But as I enter the new year I am doing so with plans… Plans to make 2016 a great year for my two little girls… I want to fill their lives with warmth, laughter, adventure, happiness and above all love! 

For it is through them and with them that my drive to go on ignites.

My fight with depression continues… I seem to be my own worst enemy, yet I persist.

Like an unfathomable well hope and determination seem to spring forth from within me. I continue…

And I share this message with you …

The future is bright … Even though it might not seem like it is at the moment.

So smile, look up, and look out for the opportunities… Go out there and make life yours.

Here’s to 2016! 


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