#depression – Life is for living 

Life is short. We can live it lost in our own thoughts or choose to be present, moment to moment, watching as life unfolds around us.

Now this is a constant battle for me. By nature I tend to plan for the future and have to consciously remind myself to live in the moment. 

Life is so much more rich when I remember to do this.
Find out more at Headspace.com


4 thoughts on “#depression – Life is for living 

  1. Thanks for reminding me about the Headspace app. I have always found it difficult to meditate but I forgot I have this app. Going to give it another go.

      1. Yeah I just tried 10-min session. It made me feel worse. Remembering now why I gave up trying to meditate after 12 years trying.

      2. Really sorry to hear that.
        I tend to try meditating once I’m in bed. I find it a good way to switch of and conclude my day.
        Plus, hopefully some of the guidance sinks in lol 😊

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