#depression #meditation – Balancing on the tightrope…

Look for balance. The middle is the best bit.

I often think that balance is overlooked in life. Though the older I get the more important balance becomes plain to see.

Sleep is one aspect where good balance is important for me. Making sure that I get enough sleep directly effects my longer term mood and susceptibility to depression. This means making sure I make available enough time to settle and sleep. Also, to focus on how to make sure that the sleep I enjoy is of a good quality.

Diet is another area where balance is overlooked. I know that I enjoy a very wide variety of foods and I certainly don’t want to cut anything out. So moderation becomes the watch-word here. My Nana often speaks of everything in moderation. I agree with her whole heartedly.

Work life balance is also an issue that you need to keep a close eye on. Making sure that we make time to relax. To enjoy life. There is no point going to work and missing out on life as it whizzes by!

Most importantly is the balance of seeing friends and family. These are the two bell-weathers for me. I know when I neglect either I experience a feeling that something is missing. Even a quick hello call is enough to fill the void.

So in order to maintain balance I will cut my lecture short here.

Please seek to find that balance in your life that brings happiness and contentment.




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