#depression #meditation – technique vs expectation 

The technique of meditation is simple and straightforward. It’s our own projection and expectation which make it complicated.

How very true this is. I find when I can forget myself I have a much better experience of meditation.

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6 thoughts on “#depression #meditation – technique vs expectation 

    1. Hi Natalie .. Glad to hear you are going to give meditation a try.

      I have found that by simply accepting it and trying it has helped me find some time for myself .. To quieten the mind and then to build on techniques that help me objectively view my thoughts and become more present in the moment.

      Would like to hear how you get on.

      1. Accepting things is very hard. Instead of doing it, I was trying so hard to understand and get all the answers. So, I just wasted my energy. Sometimes you just need to accept things.

      2. You sound a lot like me Natalie .. I tend to procrastinate and to over think things .. Try to understand everything .. Even when I really don’t need to!

      3. It’s hard to understand situations where other people are involved because you don’t know what is in their mind and who affects their decision making and you might never know.

      4. Very very true .. That is something none of us can fully do. Some people seem more adept at empathy and understanding others but no one can fully know what is going on inside you.

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