#depression #meditation – Clarifying perspective on experience

Clarity dictates our perspective, and our perspective dictates our experience. Get more clarity in your life.

Ah the holy grail for most of us.. Breaking through the fog of biased perspective. Meditation can help shine the flashlight of clarity exposing how we twist and turn the perspective we have of what is going on around us. This in turn allows us to change how we interact with the experience of that which is going on around us. So giving us a truer experience of the world we occupy. 

This is particularly important for those facing the challenge of depression. For depressions greatest weapon or influence is on distorting our perspective of what is going on around us. Unlike most people most of the time we tend to spot the negative trends or signposts. Latching onto them and interpreting them as having far more importance or even meaning that they really do. The first rule here is to identify this misinterpretation of perspective early on. To fight it with clarity of understanding. Meditation can help provide that clarity. Putting us in a far stronger position each day.
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