This rings so very true with my experience. Time has taught me that the things you put off you tend to miss or regret not doing. 

“Don’t let perfection become procrastination. Do it now.” – Danielle LaPorte Fear. 

Often an ilussion, a self imposed limit. 

Wanting perfection yet fearing that the outcome of our endeavor might fall short is the very definition of procrastination. 

Yet we all do it. 

We all postpone the most important and relevant decisions. 

We fail to […]
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When applied to depression procrastination possibly takes on a more sinister form. 

It is an easy excuse not to act. 

We, or at least I, have feared to act.

What if it, whatever it is, goes horribly wrong… or worse goes horrendously right! 

The day I realised the way I was feeling was wrong, plain wrong, I took swift and decisive action. Procrastination got kicked right out of the door.

I had gone for my usual run in my lunch break. 

I cried the whole way up the hill. 

As I turned to head back a switch flicked somewhere deep inside.

I would not be beaten by what I knew was depression.

I cried the whole way back down the hill.

But there was a difference, I was going to fight. Inside a fire had been lit.

On getting back to work I walked back to my desk. Before I did anything else I picked up the phone and called the doctors.

Made an appointment. 

Taking that first decisive step was a huge thing for me.

It signalled my acceptance of the situation.

More so, it sent a big message out to myself.

I was going to fight and I was going to win.

It took tremendous bravery, for it meant I was accepting that I had a problem. A challenge that needed to be faced.

That was in 2013.

Now in 2016 I am worlds away from that place in how I feel. The fight is not over and I accept may never be. But I am now equiped with a ‘toolbox’ overflowing with tools and techniques to help me keep a positive outlook and mindset.

As a lone dad at that time I realised I was probably not the only guy out there in this situation. So I started so that hopefully others in my position might realise they are not alone. That while the fight is hard. There will be both really hard as well as good days.

But, depression can be beaten. 

There is a light out there.

No matter how faint it might seem.

So stop putting it off procrastinating.

Kick it into touch. 

Take that first step. Do something positive. Right now!

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