Meditation … can you afford not to?

The question is not so much how can I afford to give up 10 minutes of my day to meditate, but more how can I afford not to.

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A personal note on meditation

In my fight with depression I have been open to exploring any tool in order to make progress. My toolbox is now pretty full. 

One of the big longer term successes for me has been to regularly find the time to meditate. I normally do between 10 and 20 mins most days. I’ll be honest, I cheat a bit by doing it as I lay in bed before sleep. So not quite the sat upright in a quiet place to focus on the meditation as prescribed.

I know a lot of men find things like meditation or yoga challenging in that they can sometimes be seen as not masculine. 

You couldn’t be further from the truth. I have found them to both benefit me directly as a person but also add depth to myself as a man. I appreciate so much more what life has to offer by being able to fully engage with it.


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