New Year.. New Beginnings..

A very Happy New Year to you!

I’m not going to ask how 2016 was for you, it may have been a great year or a challenging one…

Either way the turning of the year provides us with the opportunity to start a new.

As someone who has had more new starts, first days of the rest of my life, it might be understandable that I would be a little sceptical of such things.

Jaded by expereice you could say.

That couldn’t be further than the truth. With each affirmation that this is ‘the’ moment to start something, to get out there and live this life to the full, merely reflects that life evolves. Changing as we live it.

It would be a sad moment when the feeling of a fresh exciting new advenutrye beginning was replaced with that depressing term ‘can’t’. As in can’t be bothered to lift a finger, get off my behind and push out there into the open waters of life and truly live!

So no matter how many times you have started over, taken those first new steps, turned the leaf… let’s do it again…

Let’s make 2017 a fabulous year!

Onwards and upwards.. I’m setting myself lots of targets and I hope to document them here.

January 2013 may well have been my ground zero… 2017 is going to be my phoenix year … the one where my potential is tested… where I spread my wings taking off for the blue skies… most of all the year I take being a good dad to my little girls to the next level and become the Great Dad they deserve!


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