A Time for ‘Me-Time’ #depression

Today’s little insight rings so true to me…

‘Me-time’ is with us wherever we go. The only thing that gets in the way of ‘me-time’ is wanting to be some place else.

More wise words from the guys at Headspace.com. As a busy fidget-arse I have to work really hard to stop being ‘productive’.

If it isn’t the daily grind of work occupying my mind … it is all the other creative or energetic things I am wanting to do that occupy my thoughts. All those ideas that get my toes twitching. My bottom feels uncomfortable being still. I have a need, a real need, to get up. It is as if I have been indoctrinated to be active all the walking day. When my being stops, coming to rest it feels wrong.

‘A time to stand (or sit) and stare’ rings so true in today’s hectic lives. We are told that ‘productivity’ is best. This can be true. At what cost to the individual though?

I have to force myself to sit. To become still and not lose sight of the here and now!

When was the last time you truly sat, stood or lay still, wide awake, and stilled your beating heart. Letting your mind drift.

From these moments my sweetest thoughts and ideas issue forth…


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