Get a table cloth, and saucers while you are at it! #depression

One of my recent improvements to Home life is the addition of a table cloth and cups with saucers.

While sounding a little bit coy or quaint it is in fact revolutionising Home life.

The tablecloth encourages me to plan ahead. To have the table set as part of my morning routine, ready for teatime. The cups and saucers add finesse. Side plates with knives and forks bring order. We’ve added a milk jug and sugar bowl too!

This table ‘furniture’ brings order and encourages a form of etiquette often forgotten in our modern world of mugs and big plates.

Best of all it is teaching my little ones the subtleties of etiquette and that a saucer is not a plate under their mugs.

Our teatimes now have far more conversation and laughter. Rather than rushing to eat our tea we enjoy sharing our days adventures and chatting about all sorts of topics.

For me this is pure gold. My mood lifts. There is method instead of rushed madness. I feel good about life.

All due to a table cloth, cups and saucers!

Try it. See what effect it has on your mental well-being. Whether enjoying tea alone or with extended family and friends.


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