Meditation is all about switching on and zoning in…

Mediation isn’t about switching off and zoning out. It’s about switching on and zoning in, reconnecting with the world around you.

Headspace have hit the nail on the head again. So many distractions in the world can make us want to switch off and zone out. I know it does me.

Meditation provides the ability for me to switch on when needed. When the noise is getting too much. So that I can zone in on what is important. Cutting through the distracting noise. Getting the job, task, mission done.

Especially at those important moments… such as when my little girls need a hug and some well earned Daddy time.

Can mediation help you focus and zone in on what is important in your life?

It doesn’t have to be all time consuming and airy fairy.

Share the positives and negatives below guys…


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