Meditation is all about switching on and zoning in…

Meditation can help you switch on and zone in when the going gets tough...


A question… #depression

Would mindfulness enhance what you are doing right now? Discuss...

#depression – The all important objective step back

Rather than projecting an idea of what your mind should look like in meditation, take a step back and be curious about the reality instead.More meaningful advice from our friends at There is a deeper undertone to this statement. One that translates into many aspects of life. Can you really, and I do mean … Continue reading #depression – The all important objective step back

Mind and Sport England extend Get Set to Go programme

Mind is delighted to announce that Sport England has awarded us £1.5 million in National Lottery funding to extend the Get Set to Go programme. Up to 2.8m people with mental health problems could potentially benefit from the expansion of a pilot scheme by Mind and Sport England to help more people with mental health … Continue reading Mind and Sport England extend Get Set to Go programme

Get a table cloth, and saucers while you are at it! #depression

One of my recent improvements to Home life is the addition of a table cloth and cups with saucers. While sounding a little bit coy or quaint it is in fact revolutionising Home life. The tablecloth encourages me to plan ahead. To have the table set as part of my morning routine, ready for teatime. … Continue reading Get a table cloth, and saucers while you are at it! #depression

Do you have the skill of thinking?

Thinking is not a bad thing. The skill is knowing when to engage with it and when to step back.This is so very true. Headspace yet again have the nail hit on the head. It is a difficult concept to really grasp. Trying to take control and know when to engage or step back is … Continue reading Do you have the skill of thinking?

Do you have the courage to sit #depression

Meditation with the right motivation is never a form of escape. It is courageously sitting with whatever is present, for the benefit of all.Can you heed the advice for our friends at

The challenge of regret.. #deprsssion

Don’t let regret beat you down. Don’t be a slave to regret. NO. Let it teach you. Let it make you better. Let the fear of regret fuel you—to take action—today—now. Take action now to become a person not filled with regret, but a person filled with knowledge and strength and power and life. A … Continue reading The challenge of regret.. #deprsssion

Are you limited or expandable? #depression

I am not defined by the limitations of what I know; I am expanded by the things I do not know.A great little quote to digest from SpiritScience

Meditation for more than just you.. #depression

To meditate regularly touches more than purely you...