In the news – Government mental health campaign receives full backing from Pet-Xi director

A FRESH campaign run by the Government to combat mental health is receiving the full support from the joint managing director of a Coventry-based training provider.
Fleur Sexton, joint managing director PET-Xi, has worked with vulnerable young people in Coventry and has first-hand experience of the mental health issues faced by young people.
The new campaign, announced by Health Minister Alastair Burt, will be the largest ever campaign designed to reduce the stigma around mental health in children.

The campaign will also see the launch of the Youth Mental Health Hub website – which will help children find accurate information about mental health conditions.

Ms Sexton told The Observer she’s relieved the government are now making a big deal about teenage mental health.

She added: “We work with people across the UK to the point where they do their exams – it’s a stressful time for students and PET-Xi are there to keep stress to minimum.

“Mental health was not brought to the forefront of people before, it wasn’t an issue that people knew how to talk about previously but now it’s one of the most discussed forms of illness.

“If people feel like they can talk about their mental health issues then the chances are they can be solved.”

Fleur believes that November is the ideal time to launch the campaign with students already making preparations for their summer exams.

She added: “The campaign is mainly about conversations and sign posting, mental health problems are the biggest killer of young men and we want to change that”

Read the full story here:


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